What do I offer?


Visitor management with Interactive voice interface

Unlike any other system, Aimee greats your visitors with a natural voice, and listens to what they say.


Recognise repeat visitors

Using advanced face recognition, Aimee recognises frequent visitors and greets them by name. She can guess why they are here and can connect them to the right person. Magic!

David Stewart - Meeting at 10 AM today

David Stewart - Meeting at 10 AM today

Notify staff

Do you prefer to be notified by email or SMS on your mobile, or you use popular workplace communication tools like Slack?

Simple. No need to install yet another app on your mobile.

You get a quick notification that a visitor or delivery person is there at reception, complete with their picture!


Delivery Management

Aimee can recognise delivery people by talking to them or by visually identifying them.

She can handle deliveries where no signature is needed, or call designated people in the office if they need to attend.


Customise your visitor experience

customise your welcome message and home page graphics.

Request for special flows unique to your business (for Enterprise customers)

Group announcements

Inform notify all staff, or administrators

And many more…