Get rid of the Bell!

No need for that annoying bell at reception!
No more interruptions for the unlucky person who happens to sit closest to the door!
No annoyed visitors landing in your office and not knowing how to get attention!

Meet Aimee

Aimee takes care of your visitors as they arrive in your reception area in your small business office.
She speaks to visitors and connects them to the right person in the office.
Aimee helps with mail and parcel delivery in your office too.
She works so elegantly, you wonder if there is a real person behind the screen!


Face Recognition - not just like any other

Face recognition is getting traction, from tagging your smartphone pictures to screening for security. However, on its own, it does not add much value. We use a patent pending technology to combine face recognition augmented intelligence and NLP to provide a real solutions for a real problem.

Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing like no other

NLP is used in variety of applications, including in many virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. However, these are all blind. The do not generally know what is happening. Aimee starts the conversation when a human naturally does, and ends it gracefully as you expect.


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